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Marathoriza opened its traditional, Serifian cuisine in 2013 and will claim your heart with its appetizers, stews and sea food.

Braized heavy lamb, “pihti” (cheese delicacy), fried fennel-cakes, capers casserole, chick-pea soup in the dutch-oven and “wedding spaghetti” are just some of the delicacies you will enjoy.

The risoni with shrimps, the whole octopus in the oven and the fennel-pie with honey -specialty of Marathoriza- will impress you!

For desert, do not neglect to taste home-made preserves, along with yogurt.

The friendly, cool space of Marathoriza has a beautiful view towards the eastern coastline of the island and is located in Ano Chora of Serifos, very close to the Windmill Square and the bus stop.


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