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  • Fragkosyko - Breakfast and Brunch - Livadi - Serifos
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  • Cafe bar Fragkosyko - Livadi - Serifos


Inspired by its location, “Fragkosyko” - which is the Greek word for the prickly pear cactus - combines the notes of a classic island café-bar with touches from the Mediterranean. Starting by going up to the balcony, you will encounter the most magical view of the island, as it combines the unique landscape of the port together with the enchanting Chora of Serifos, in a mesmerizing frame.
The architectural view wants the balcony to blend with the view opposite it, using the palette of the land around it. White, wooden and green constructions, together with the needle grass that turns golden in the sunset, make up the exterior of Fragkosyko.

Moving on to the interior, a touch of urban minimalism leaves a blank canvas, ready to welcome paintings, photos and exhibitions. Small green metallic details, together with prickly pear leaves, break the calmness of white and the core of the bar, with the fireplace and the dj booth, play a central unifying role. So it is well worth drinking a spicy margarita at the bar, gazing at the lights of Chora as it is framed by the windows of Fragkosyko. Or even dance to groovy rhythms under our atmospheric lights.

The experience at our space is completed by discovering the "secret" garden at the back, with its feast of colors. Orange and yellow walls with folklore decoration and a palm tree in the background will take you on a journey to the Mediterranean aesthetics of a small colorful settlement. Feel the smooth vibes and relax to the rustling of the leaves, when it is windy outside.

Make sure to taste our brunch, made of traditional products and bread from the local wood-oven. The "fragosiriani", "rustic salmon", "open truffle" and other savory dishes will keep you full later on the beach, while our sweet dishes, "Georgia’s egg slices", "peanut surf" and pancakes will provide the energy you need for a hot summer day on the island. At Fragkosyko you will also find vegan + vegetarian options!

Our barman, Michalis, oversees the daily production of the most refreshing and tasty cocktails you will drink in Serifos. In addition to the classic recipes, you will find the list of "premium cocktails", as well as the "signature list" with unique flavors. It is impossible not to try "the one with the cucumber" or "Livadi". Drinks and cocktails in a common color palette with our space, such as "my agave" or "mandarin", will take you on a journey, accompanied by the view of the island.

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