• Serifos - Hiking trail A - Livadi-Chora
  • Folklore Museum in Chora
  • Alleyways of Kato Chora
  • Pathway to Kalo Ampeli beach
  • Path of Kalo Ampeli
  • Paved path Chora-Giftika
  • Trail 1 - Kallitsos-Chora
  • Rocky pathway in Serifos
  • Stone-stepped trail of Chora

Useful advice

For your comfortable and safe hiking in Serifos’s trails, you should bear in mind some basic tips:

The trails often pass through brushwood and yew trees, which are dry in the summer and may scratch your skin. For that reason it is advised that you wear light, long trousers, which will protect you from scratches plus they will not allow dry twigs and leaves to tuck into your shoes. To protect your hands from scratches chose a long top or shirt. Light colors in clothing will help you stay cool for the longest possible, plus they will make you visible from long distances. Your shoes should preferably be boots with laces that tie around the ankle, so as to protect you from sprains. The ideal choice, of course, is the appropriate mountaineering clothing, since it is particularly light and dries fast in case you sweat.

The best hour to hike is during the afternoon, but you should also estimate how much time you will need to return before nightfall. In any case, the winds blowing in the Aegean will cool down the temperature and will make walking really pleasant, even under the strong sun.

Be sure that you inform someone of the root you are planning to follow.

What you should take with you:

  • Plenty of water
  • Light and nutritious food or fruit.
  • Sunglasses and hat.
  • A flashlight, if you are planning to start late in the afternoon.
  • Sunscreen, to cover your face, neck and other exposed body parts.
  • A map, preferably a hiking one.
  • A windproof jacket, to protect you from the Aegean winds, when you reach to some high point sweating.
  • An extra t-shirt/shirt to change if you are about to have a break from walking and you are sweating.
  • A small First Aid Kit that should contain adhesive wound dressings, iodine, cotton, antihistamine creams in case of a bee bite e.t.c.
  • In case you chose to take a long route, with many hilly parts, it is advised that you use trekking poles, since they will help you stabilize your steps and reduce the strain in your waist, because your hands will undertake part of your weight. The trekking poles should be used in pairs, one for each hand.


Make sure that you note the following numbers: