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Mining Gallery at Mega Livadi

Average duration: 20 minutes(stops and return not included)
Length: 920 meters

In Mega Livadi, on the left side of the bay, there is one of the galleries of Serifos’s mines. This gallery is accessible from both sides and ends on the south side of the mountain, over Kalogeros beach. From there you can follow a trail till the asphalt that connects the village of Koutalas with Chora.

The length of the gallery is about 900 meters, with its width not bigger than 2,5 meters and its height 2 meters. The interior of the gallery is interesting but dangerous, at the same time, as you pass by its branches to other, collateral galleries that have been ruined, as well as under the half-destroyed wooden roof shoring.

If you decide to cross it, you will need to have a main and a spare flashlight with you and be appropriately dressed, for the cool air streams that pass through this gallery and its wet ground.