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Giftika - Panagia (Signage “4”)

Average duration: 80 minutes (stops and return not included)
Length: 4,0 km

Connection with other trails:

Chora – Giftika
Giftika – Troullos hill-top
Giftika – Petrias hill-top
Panagia – Sikamia

The beginning of the trail is located on the main road from Chora to the villages of Mega Livadi and Koutalas, at the junction towards the helipad in “Giftika” area. At first it is a beet steep, till the dirt road that it meets. There, you can make a small detour and follow the trail to the right, which leads to the top of Troullos, the tallest mountain of Serifos. If not, you continue straight and meet again a dirt road, until the point where it turns right towards “Varsamo” stream. You pass by the church of Agios Vasilios, continue to a nice area with crops and reach, further ahead, the church of Agios Stefanos (St. Stephen), to the left. At the end of the trail there is the village of Panagia with its famous church of “Xylopanagia” and the beginning of the hiking trail that descends to Sikamia.