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Distance from Chora: 12,4 km
Distance from Livadi: 10,0 km

Great is the history of Koutalas, starting in the decade 1880-1890, a period during which it becomes the first location and establishment point of the mining company “Serifos-Spilialeza”. This is where the miners who worked in the galleries used to stay and where you can still see today, besides their ruined residencies, the ships’ loading bridge, some rails along the slope, rusty trolleys, trucks and other machinery that rot totally abandoned, revealing though the significant mining activity that took place years ago in the area.

The village today consists of just a few residents, some rooms to let and a tavern, while some of the workers’ houses have been repaired and are used as summer-houses. At the edge of Koutalas beach lies the chapel of Agia Theodora, with its yard offering a panoramic view of the bay.