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Kalo Ampeli

Distance from Chora: 8 km
Distance from Livadi: 3,5 km
Distance from the port: 4,5 n.m.

By road + 20 mins walk Sandy No natural shadow No umbrellas No snack available No restaurant available

Kalo Ampeli is a relatively difficult to access beach, since you have to walk a 20-minute pathway to reach it. To get here you will need to follow the road that passes from the village of Ramos and heads toward the beaches of Vagia, Ganema and Koutalas. About 1 kilometer after the village you will meet a crossroad with a sign leading you to the left and a few meters afterwards to the right, till the point where you will need to leave your vehicle. The path ascends smoothly till the Church of Sotiras (which has a folklore festival that you shouldn’t miss) and descends a bit more steeply to the beach.

It has golden sand and big rocks, inside and out of the sea – the ones on the right of the beach are perfect for diving. The magnificent seabed is sandy and urges you to explore it, whilst swimming to the left you will discover secret little gulfs.

Kalo Ampeli has no shade whatsoever and you will need to plan ahead for some basic supplies, such as water and snacks.

If you happen to see a ferry passing by, you should probably grab your things somewhere higher on the beach and prepare yourselves for a few big waves from the wake of the ship that will arrive a few minutes later.

The islet “Garbias” (or Mikronisi) that stands at the southern end of the bay is, according to its Serifian version, related to the myth of Odysseus.