• Psaropirgos - Throne of the Cyclops in Serifos
  • Serifos - Psaros Tower - Throne of the Cyclops
  • Psaropirgos and Mega Livadi
  • Psaropirgos - Couch
  • Throne of Cyclops and Mega Livadi
  • Couch in Mesa Cape

Psaropirgos & the Cyclops's Cave

Distance from Chora: 11,8 km
Distance from Livadi: 16,0 km

A short distance from the White Tower, towards Mega Livadi, near Megalo Chorio, starts a quite passable small road that leads to the “Cyclops’s Throne” – you will get there after you pass below Agia Triada church and in front of the Evangelistria Akroteriani Monastery.

The “Throne”, which is also mentioned as “Psaropirgos” (/psα’ropirgos/), “Psaros” Tower or “Kanapes” (i.e. couch), is a big construction consisting of oblong slates, almost 8,4 meters long and 4,2 meters wide.

Nearby there are smaller ancient buildings, as well as a gallery entry. This was supposed to be the Cave of the Cyclops Polyphemus, which precipitated and is no longer accessible. According to some records, the largest part of it was adorned with stalactites and stalagmites and it contained several utensils, clay pottery and fossils.

This place offers great view over the Aegean and towards the village of Mega Livadi.