• Memorial of the Fallen in Kato Chora - Serifos
  • Memorial in Kato Chora - Memorial of the Fallen

Memorial of the Fallen

Distance from Chora: 1,5 km
Distance from Livadi: 3,1 km

Opposite to the School of Kato Chora, a few meters from the Folklore Museum and right next to the chapel of St. Antonios, you will see a green fenced yard with the barren islet of Vous in the background. In the yard stand the Heroon, the Memorial that was erected in 1935 and bears in alphabetic order 36 names of locals that were killed in the Valcan Wars, the First World War and the Asia Minor Campaign (Greco-Turkish War). Later, next to it was added a lying marble plate, with three more names of soldiers who fell in the Second World War. The place is a monument for National Holidays, while on the 28th of October wreaths are deposited there in honor of the Unknown Soldier.