• Wash-house in Paspari area
  • Old Laundry in Mesa Pigadi
  • Wash-house in Serifos
  • Laundry in Paspari
  • Wash-house arch and Kato Chora


Distance from Chora: 700 m
Distance from Livadi: 3,9 km

As you go down from the Windmills square of Pano Chora to Livadi, on the first left hairpin of the road, you will find a short, paved path that leads to the Old Plistario (/plistα’rjo/, meaning wash house), in the Paspari or Mesa Pigadi area. It is a whitewashed building with five arches overall – three in front and two on the sides, and has its back against the Petrias Mountain in order to make use of the torrent that flows down the slope in the winter. Under its wavy rooftop there are four troughs, where women of the area used to wash their family’s clothes.