• Serifos Dam in Steno area
  • The dam of Serifos
  • Dam in Serifos


Distance from Chora: 7,2 km
Distance from Livadi: 2,7 km

The dam of Serifos is located in the eastern part of the island, at the “Steno” area, near the beach of Psili Ammos. The projected started in 1998, it was finished in 2003 and was delivered in 2005 – thereafter the dam is constantly filled. It is a dam of modern, axisymmetric construction, with useful capacity of 700.000 cubic meters and 30 meters height. It serves for the watering of farmlands, however due to its lack of a water treatment unit it does not cover the water needs of the island. Thus, the water supply is carried out by a separate network that relies on drilling methods and natural water springs.