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Southwestern part

In the center of Livadi, on the junction of the roads that connect Chora and the southwestern part of Serifos, lies the church of Agios Nikolaos (St. Nicolas)protector of the sailors. It may not stand out, among the buildings of stores and houses, since it is quite small, but it protrudes from them and therefore narrows the street.

A short distance from the junction, as you head up towards Livadakia, the road that turns left on the height of the school ends at the cemetery of Livadi and Agios Georgios church (St. George), with a view to the beach. The construction of the church is dated on the late 10th century / early 11th century Α.D., making it one of the island’s oldest, along with the church of Panagia.

Going back to the uphill and 1 km. later, in the village of Ramos, diagonally to the left starts a narrow street that ends to Panagia (Virgin Mary) church. Built in the 1960s right where a smaller church used to stand, the Panagia of Ramos embellishes the big square of the village and floods it with people every August, thanks to its feast.

The same short distance you will need to cover, till the asphalt road splits in two, towards the southern beaches of Serifos to the right and Kalo Ampeli beach to the left, where the Church of Sotiras (St. Savior) is situated. To go there you will need to walk through the path that goes down to the beach, since Sotiras stands in the middle of it. It took its present form on the same period when the Panagia of Ramos was rebuilt, acquiring a yard, some auxiliary spaces and a built table, and it celebrates on the 6th of August.

Continuing onto the central road that passes by Vagia and Ganema, you will reach Koutalas village, with the churches of Agia Eirini (St. Irene) and Agia Theodora (St. Theodora) overlooking the beach and the remnants of the island’s mining history.

After about 3 km, turning left to the junction towards Mega Livadi, you will see the church of Agia Triada (Holy Trinity) on the top of the hill, opposite the abandoned Mega Chorio. In order to reach this colorful church you will follow the narrow street that starts on the left of the road, a few meters ahead. The interior of the church, which celebrates on the Pentecost, is adorned by a wood-carved gilded iconostasis and the floor is paved with mosaic.
The same street also leads to Psaropirgos, after it passes by the Monastery of Evangelistria the Akrotiriani – the female monastery of Serifos.

If you head towards Mega Livadi you will find the very well maintained chapel of Agios Nikolaos (St. Nicolas), at the entrance of the village.

The western part of the island is completed by the isolated Avessalos, at a distance of 3,5 km from the central road to Chora, with the churches of Agios Vasilios and Panagia tou Vounou (Holy Virgin of the Mountain) on its sides. The latter, built in the early 1770s, adds one more feast to the Serifians’ festive calendar.