• Administration building in Mega Livadi - Serifos
  • Old Administration building - Serifos
  • Headquarters of the Serifos Mining company Societe des Mines de Spiliazzeza
  • Serifos - Mega Livadi - Administration building
  • Administration building - Mega Livadi
  • The bust of Speras and the miners memorial
  • Memorial of the miners

Mining headquarters & Miner's memorial

Distance from Chora: 11,2 km
Distance form Livadi: 15,4 km

At the end of the beach of Megalo Livadi stand the old Headquarters, a neoclassical building that was constructed in 1890, in Ernst Ziller’s architectural style, with the tall palm trees testifying the greatness of a bygone era. It was built when Emile Grohmann arrived and when the mining company “Serifos – Spilialeza” was transferred from Koutalas to this sheltered bay. It housed the offices, the warehouses and the labs of the company till the middle of the 20th century, when it ceased its operations. Despite the fact that -along with the Town Hall in Ano Chora- it is considered a monument of Contemporary Culture, it needs immediate reconstruction and systematic maintenance, since its condition is quite bad. The wear over the years is obvious and expected, while the inside is full of breaches and debris –including the collapsed roof.

A few meters further stands the simple marble Memorial, dedicated to the four miners who lost their lives in the bloody strike of August 21st 1916, as they defended their rights for better and safer working conditions.