• The village and beach of Avessalos
  • Avessalos - Village and beach in Serifos


Distance from Chora: 11,1 km
Distance from Livadi: 15,6 km

Avessalos (or Avissalos) is a small village with only a few local residents, a beach ideal for fishing and an amazing view of the sunset. Its name comes from the Venetian word “vassale”, which means slave, and refers to the domination period of Hermolaus Minotto, who took slaves with him in order to start his mining activities on the island and in the bay of Avessalos in particular. In the “Skouries” area there are still some ancient copper processing facilities and ruins of residencies, offices of the mining company and of the loading bridge. The church that stands high on the hill, on the left of the road as you descend to the beach, is the “Panagia tou Vounou” (Virgin Mary of the Mountain), celebrating on the 8th of September.