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Livadi - Avlomonas

Distance from Chora: 4,5 km

Livadi, the biggest and most populous village of Serifos, has a past of glorious growth but also of sharp recession. It was established around 1870, during a period when the mining activities thrived and became the Greek Mining Company’s headquarters until 1907, when the decline was inevitable.

Today it is probably the liveliest part of the island, since there lies its port, as well as the marina for leisure crafts and yachts, which also serves as an anchorage for the smaller fishing boats.

Many bars, cafes, restaurants, bakeries, grocery stores and all kinds of shops, hotels and rooms to let, meet any need a visitor may have. Here you will also find the only bank on the island, a Greek Post office, the port authority, the police station, a press agency and a gas station.

The extension of Livadi to the east side is Avlomonas, with its huge beach reaching till the edge of the bay. Behind Livadi spreads the valley with the locals’ cultivations and their small scattered houses, up to the hill of Chora and the cobblestoned stairs that ascend it.