• Serifos - Mega Livadi - Ore loading bridge
  • Old building in Mega Livadi
  • Sunset in Mega Livadi - Wagons and loading bridge
  • Ore loading bridge in the village of Koutalas
  • Serifos - Koutalas - Old machinery
  • Mining facilities in Mega Livadi

Mining facilities

Distance from Chora: 11,2-12,4 km
Distance from Livadi: 10,0 – 15,4 km

By the end of the 19th century, Serifos leads the way in the “fever” of mining activities, with Koutalas first and Mega Livadi later to be the most central points. Rubble of shops, residencies and infrastructure buildings, ruins of a bygone era, stand along old machinery and facilities on the island’s slopes, interrupting the landscape’s uniformity with shades in the colors of rust and wood.

As you are leaving the village of Koutalas and head west, you will meet many sights of these mining facilities: rail systems, ore transport wagons, a weighing unit and, of course, a loading bridge – a similar one stands on the opposite side of the bay, near Vagia beach.

Equivalent is the image in Mega Livadi, where the left side of the bay could be described as an outdoor mining museum. Underground galleries, iron rails, semi-destroyed bridges, wagons and another loading bridge compose a unique scenery. On the other end of the shore you will see the Headquarters, which used to house the offices of the mining company and next to it the monument for the miners who were killed in the strike of 1916.